BUDGET:  I will promote a balanced budget and work to preserve various funding sources of revenue needed to serve our community.

ROADS: Adequate funding of roads through Measure S (Pinole), Measure J (CCTA), and SB 1 (vote no on Prop. 6) are necessary for maintaining roads and adding bike lanes and pedestrian improvements.

REVENUE: Preservation of property, utility and sales taxed are essential to providing Pinole citizens with necessary services (public safety, recreation, and infrastructure).

DOWNTOWN COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT:  I will continue to support businesses in Pinole and promote Pinole as a place for business to locate.  Development of the vacant and underutilized parcels in old town and along the San Pablo Avenue corridor.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: I have worked on a balanced sustainable budget for the current year and made decisions to ease the burden in future years. I will work to preserve and grow property tax base and sales tax revenue.

EDUCATION:  I will continue Pinole’s partnership with the school district, especially as it relates to student safety and campus construction.

WCCUSD BOND PROGRAM:  I served six years on the Citizen’s Bond Oversight Board, examining the taxpayer’s substantial investment in the reconstruction of Pinole’s schools. I continue to watch the bond program for Pinole.

SCHOOL SAFETY:  I will continue to speak out in favor of school resource officers on the Middle and High Schools. Our children’s safety in non-negotiable.

RECREATION & LIBRARY SERVICES:  Before serving on the council, I was one of several community volunteers advocating to keep the Pinole Swim Center open.  We did this through community fundraising to cover budget shortfalls during the economic downturn.  I also advocated for the development of the Pinole Skate Park and am currently working with staff and library personnel to expand library hours that were trimmed during the economic downturn.

ENVIRONMENT:  I have extensive experience on environmental issues and will use this experience to make Pinole a better place to live, work, and recreate.  I have served on the League of California Cities Environmental Quality Committee for two years, reviewing proposed legislation related to water and air quality, clean energy, and related issues.

CLIMATE CHANGE/  SEA LEVEL RISE:  I helped draft Pinole’s Climate Action Plan (Sustainability Element of the General Plan) and now have the duty to implement the strategies to reduce greenhouse gasses in our community. I have worked with Bay Conservation Development District and other West Contra Costa communities on exploring our risks to sea level rise and ways to address the threat.

CLEAN ENERGY:  I voted for Pinole to become a member of a Community Choice Aggregation (MCE). Pinole residents have a choice to purchase electricity through MCE (with a higher rate of renewable sources) or PG&E.  Expanding access to public charging stations is another priority of mine.

INFRASTRUCTURE:  Maintaining roads, storm drains, sewer lines and adding bike and pedestrian improvements are high priorities.  We need to protect the infrastructure funding provided by SB 1. This funding, together with other transportation funding helps keep our infrastructure from crumbling. VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 6.

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